Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Observations from a day at the stable

Some interesting observations from today.

A single-jointed snaffle is weird when you are used to double-jointed. Horsie does not want to stand still while I try to tighten the girth, he goes against the bit, weird feeling, he rears. Then he gets frightened that I become unbalanced, and rears again. Next thing that happens is that I jump off (so I won't fall off), he gets spooked by this and tries to get away, again with the pressure and rears once more. 2 seconds later he realize that there is nothing to fuzz about, he snorts and walks up to me as if nothing has happened. "I have no idea what just happened, but I'm done! let's go!". I tightened the girth from the ground and get back in the saddle. Now he is allowed to walk freely down through the fields, relaxedly he blows his nose.

Going for a hack with the TC saddle is quite alright, lots of freedom to encourage swinging of the back and lots of natural impulsion! 

Riding with one hand is no problem. "Hey, this is what i was born to do!"

It's easier to sneak behind the bit while using the single-jointed snaffle, especially with a sloppy contact! When I took the contact as I am supposed to, it was working as intended. (I still like the double-jointed snaffle better)

Getting scratched on the head, forehead, the jaw and behind the ears has been underestimated for a long time. Now it's time to catch up for all the time spent not getting scratched! WITH interest! Bosco is like a huge brown (but very cute) mosquito, following me around the pasture "come ooooon, scraaaatch meeeeee!". This is only outside, when I take him in to groom him, he is not interested unless i scratch him on the areas he always loves getting scratched. Inside he is only focusing about what happens outside. He definitely prefers the pasture, he is much more relaxed outside with all his buddies (and enemies) around him!