Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saddle issues part 2

Another session in the "arena" with Bosco today. After warming up for a bit, I started to shorten the reins and searched for contact. Quite fast I noticed that something was abit off, I couldn't really put my finger on what it was, but things weren't like they are supposed to.

The past sessions it has been easy on the left hand, good support on the right rein and I can do almost what I want to without any protests at all. On the right hand he wants to have the support of the right rein and not use his right hind leg, but after some warm up exercises this is not really a bit problem to ride through. Today, he kept throwing his head about, everytime I tried to pick up contact on the right rein, on the left hand. I tried almost everything, every exercise I have used before and yes it got better, but not good. And for the first time I had problems with impulsion. He just didnt react to leg aid.

After a while I realiszed that there was something wrong. First thing I thought of was his wolf tooth, which was on the right hand side. If there was some more left it could become painful. So I searched his mouth, and he did not react to anything, other than he didnt like to get my fingers in his mouth.

So my next thougt was the saddle. I know it hasn't been the ideal saddle for him and I was planning to change it in the near future. So I took it off and tried out how he was bareback. BINGO! there was the problem. After removing the saddle I had my old horse back, just as reactive and sensitive as i know him.

So now I have called the saddeler and if I find a transport, I'll fix it during the next week!

Oh how I love that my horse lets me know when he is hurting! I have tried out saddles before, last time he would not trot, only canter. And at this time I had problems getting him to canter at all in the arena, so that one didn't fit either!