Wednesday, June 30, 2010

saddle issues

The fun of having a young horse!

Bosco has had the past week off, just staying outside eating grass. During this period he decides it's time to get a bit larger. So suddenly his withers has raised quite a lot, which then again leads to the saddle not fitting! *MEH!*

Well, it's not completely wrong yet, but if he keeps growing like this it will. Luckily I've got a nice Total Contac saddle, which is perfect in these situations, but not a replacement. I'll see if I can get a saddeler to take a look at him during the summer. It's just so irritating to change saddle when I know he will continue to grow for at least 3 more years. I can't afford to buy a saddle every 6 months :/

oh well, we will see how it goes, perhaps he has changed again in a week or so...