Monday, March 01, 2010


No horse yet, so I have to fill my time with other stuff. Thanks to Maria, I get to ride Charlie a couple of times a week, wich is fun and educational for me! Besides this and alot of work, I've started working out at the gym again. This week I have attended two different classes; catslide and pilates,

Catslide is something I have never tried out before. When i joined the gym and said I wanted exercises that would strengthen the core, the PT recommented that I tried catslide. Catslide is a series of normal exercises like squats, push ups and another exercise that is just called "the plank" in norwegian, you just do them with 4 small slippery mats on the floor. Like in this video, only these guys are ALOT stronger than me and the exercises are alot harder than what i did during my first lesson!

The catslide lesson was only 40 min, but I was a wreck. Went to visit my grandmother right after and I couldn't even lift my arms to pass over the vegetables at dinner. Puh! Later that evening i got really sore, and it was alot worse on friday (workout was on thursday). I usually get sore the day after, and really REALLY sore the second day after a workout like this. So I was actually quite surprised when i woke up saturday morning, feeling better than on friday. score!

Saturday I went out to the stables to ride Charlie once again, and either the workout had done wonders with my body, or all my muscles were sore and stiff so my seat was muuch better than it usually is. haha! I wonder what is correct ;)  Either way, the workout with Charlie went great, even tho he tested me once. He is a wonderful pony who usually goes quite correct and you just have to sit there, but he can be exellent if you just push him a bit, so I did. I was riding along the short wall in the arena, asking for canter. Charlie starts cantering, but just almost, and not with a 3 beat-rythm, no he wants to go in a 4-beat-rythm. So I try to wake him up abit, seat and legs dont do the trick, ad the whip and WHOOPI, he starts bucking. I think it was about 4 or 5, not really big ones, but just big enough for him to earn a correction! First FORWARD then I had to steer him into the snowy wall of the arena, yell at him once, and start cantering again. He got the picture and was a good boy for the rest of the lesson :p

Today I tried something new at the gym, Pilates. I have read and heard alot about how good training this is, so I wanted to try it out. It was abit funny, for one hour I abused most of my muscles and didn't even break a sweat! It was mostly about breathing correctly and using the muscles I really need to work at, the lower abdominal muscles! The million dollar question is, how sore will I become tomorrow?

I will try to have at least one catslide lesson each week, it was so hard, and so much fun! And it really had me working all the muscles I need to work at, I'm too weak! I think I had my very first endorfine shock after the first lesson, I couldn't shut up, haha!