Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Bosco has arrived!

After having a few problems with car, driver and transport we were finally on our way to pick up Bosco.

Last time we tried to load him on to the transport he didn't really want to. I think we spendt about 25 minutes to get him in. Today he stopped twice, then walked right in, Good boy! While driving he was so quiet i was almost worried because there was no sound, has he jumped out? But no, he was just eating and did not seem too worried about it. 

Once we arrived at Årungen I had to put him in a stall and leave him there while I returned the transport and the nice drivers could get themselves home. That took about an hour, and I came back to let him out in the new herd.

The herd consists of all kinds of breeds and they were quite interested in this new guy. Only one, I think he is the boss, was "mean" to him. He only told Bosco, who the boss is, and that he should stay away. Which he did ;)

Other than that a few other horses tried to push him around. It was funny looking at this big, fat Fjordhorse tried to chase him, but Bosco was abit faster in the turns than the other horse. He easily gets away from kicks and bites. It's nice to have a horse that is bred to bullfighting, they know how to turn quickly!

This is fun! :D