Friday, March 26, 2010


Yes, spring has arrived with its nice warm temperatures, and what does that mean? Well, lets just say that we take off our big winter coats, so does the horse ><

It was actually more fur than it looks like, most of it is wet here. 

Bosco is not the only horse who sheds his fur!

He is alot more calm when he is inside alone now, than what he was just a few days ago. 

Tired after some work in the arena

Good pictures isn't easy when you are alone with a cellphone camera and the horse wants to follow you where ever you go.

The work in the arena keep improving. Or i should say, I am improving. Bosco works just fine if I can keep my seat where it is supposed to be and keep my hips free of tension. So I've got some work to do, but thats nothing new. 

I have a few weeks left to train before I will be attending a clinic with David Oliveira. Will be fun to see what he thinks of Bosco. Hopefully I will find someone who can transport us up to Trollspeilet! Next time I will be able to drive myself!

Yes, I have changed the layout again. The other one messed up my headlines.