Monday, March 08, 2010

Picture spam! Dressage show march 7th

I got up early on sunday to watch a dressage show at one of the stables i used to ride at. Unfortunatly I had to go to work so I could only watch a few of the equipages i wanted to see.


Inger Line and Chistral

Hjalmar and Tarzan

Winner of LC:3: Kate and Cash's King
First time in a dressage competition! 

second place Lilliane and Carana

Third place: Ida and Drummer Boy
*hmm you say blue ribbon? I say foood!*

12 year old Mette got a ribbon for entering the competition. The horse, Venabus Hårek, is twice the age of the rider, a sweet equipage!

The lap of honour!

Kate and Cash

Siri and Zanday

I wanted to stay and see the last classes aswell, but I had to get to work :(
Another time perhaps !