Sunday, January 10, 2010


Sometimes when I ride horses i feel like I'm just banging my head against a wall and not getting anywhere. A post on a forum gave me the idea to look back at old photos and se how far I¨'ve come with my riding skills. I started looking through my old photos and learned that i haven't got that many pictures before 2009 of me riding anything else than jumping fences. Oh well, this past year I have learned ALOT so there is much improovement! Most of the improvement is in my head, but still you can see some of it in the photos.

Søndervang's Unik, Aug '04

Herkules feb 09

Herkules march 09

Herkules march 09, weekend course with Trollspeilet at our stable.

First clinic with David Oliveira. Licero, july 09

Clinic with Kristina Berggren, aug 09

Course with Trollspeilet, sept 09

Sept 09

Oliveira clinic sept 09

Sept 09

Trollspeilet, dec 09

Will be fun to see if there is any improovement from now until summer. I guess it depends on how often I'll be able to train and if I find a horse by then!