Tuesday, January 19, 2010

budgeting, work and training

Not much training these days... Been trying to get over a lung infection I've had since November, the antibiotics does not seem to take care of it:/

Still riding North Peak two days a week, allthough just until February. After that I'll concentrate on making the economy to go around with all the expences I get with my own horse.

The past week I've been budgeting to see how my outcome vs income will trun out with a horse involved. My problem is that I have a different salary every month and I haven't worked enough to be able to see the average salary. So I have to work with the amount I know I'm going to get. Right now I overestimate the outcome and underestimate the income and hope for the best :D  My mum and dad have said they would sponsor me with the starting amount, meaning, buying the horse. Going to have a meeting with them on thursday, after that I'll probably have a more realistic veiw on how much longer I have to save up money. Scary! And on top of all the saving, I work as many extrashifts as they'll give me. Preferably working nightshifts, that means longer shifts and more money! yay!

Last weekend I have been trainig Elins (Marias daughter) pony, Charlie. What I quickly realised is that my seat is alot more effective than before, and when I really focus I can make him do almost whatever i ask of him. The problem is me. Since I got sick in November I haven't been training anything other than the few times a week I'm at the stable. Peak is a young horse and most of the training is in a light seat so some of my muscles haven't been properly used in a while. *sigh* I have a gym membership but since I've been sick and most people are so scared of the swineflu I haven't been there in a while, but this week I'll go back! I need to strengthen especially my core and leg muscles.

Goals for the next few weeks, train more! Need more strength and stamina!

Sad message from the stable yesterday :( Tia Maria, the TB brood mare at our stable gave birth to her foal, 4 months before she was due. This was what they found in her stall =(