Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Old" pictures

When going through my harddrives to find old riding photos, I found quite a few other ones as well.


Me and Modena at the race track

Lovejoy, 1.10 m. showjumping competition at our stable.

Same competition, we won!

Søndervangs Unik

Thunderbird "Birdie", LotR costume competition. I won a DVD i think.

Lovejoy again

Lovejoy and me tries out cross-country for the first time. Lovejoy did not like the drop, he was used to jump over stuff, not drop down.

In the water

more cross-country

Jumping Birdie

Winning another show jumping class at our stable

Scanned from a newspaper. First time competing 1.10 m.

Tia Maria and me.