Monday, September 20, 2010

Lazy Blogger

Yes I have been a lazy blogger lately, but just needed to bring you one more update!

Last weekend, september 10th I entered my first dressage competition with Bosco. My goal for this year was entering LD, which is just walk and trot, mostly straight lines and transitions. It was not intentional to enter this competition, I had decided I didn't want to do it because I had no time to practice as we still don't have an arena (!) I'm not going to mention that I'm starting to get quite upset about this, ups, I just did *grrrrrr*

Last weekend there was small competition at Trollspeilet, and after riding for a bit a few hours before it started I was talked into entering. And when I was to decide which class to enter, I quickly decided to enter in LC. LC is above LD and you have to show walk, trot and canter, transitions and so on.

Funny enough it went quite well, we got 56%, not that I wasn't happy about that, but everything was a lot better earlier the same day. But still, our first competition, and we got approved! score:D

Bosco and his buddies outside in the pasture. 
From left to right: Aradis 4 months (Icelandic horse), Rikhard 7 months(or Banderas, his real name, Warlander (PRE+Friesian)), Bosco 4 years (Lusitano), Tussa 4 years(norwegian Dølahest) and in the back Bradamante, yearling (Lippizaner)