Friday, September 24, 2010

Clinic with Paul Belasik!

A friend of mine managed to get a riding spot in a clinic with Paul Belasik on the 23-24th of October. I was supposed to work that weekend, but by some lucky coincidence I managed to trade my shifts and got the weekend off. So I'm going to Sweden with my camera and my notepad, can't wait! :D

Paul Belasik is a highly respected international rider, trainer, writer and teacher, and an avowed proponent of classical equestrian ideals. It has been said that his diversity of qualities and skills place him firmly in a lineage of riding masters that traces all the way down from the Renaissance, but also marks him out as exceptional in a modern era that places ever more emphasis on specialization. (
Mr. Belasik is also the author of the books, Riding Towards the Light, Exploring Dressage Technique and The Songs of Horses, aswell as Dressage for the 21st century and A Search for Collection: Science and Art in Riding. 

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