Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Long reining/ground driving

I've been playing with the thought of being able to drive Bosco. I have never done that before, but the Lusitano is used for almost everything so why not give it a go? Several people at the stable have good experience with driving so I'll probably get some of them to help me eventually. But before that I've started long reining/gound driving (not sure what the correct expression is as the internet says a lot of things).

We have tried this once or twice before, and yesterday we took a little trip down the riding path. Bosco is not so used to me being behind him, but behaved remarkably well for the first time out of the arena. He only got spooked once, and that was from his own shadow I think. Transitions walk - halt - walk -trot went very well and I think he really enjoyed himself.

Hah! you want me to pose? think again *gnafs*