Sunday, April 04, 2010

Here comes the sun

Today, the sun came out again, I took my camera to the stable and here are the result. 

Bosco and friends




Trying to make some dry areas so the horses won't have to stand in the mud all day. They didn't mind the big machines.

Hestehov!! First one of the year :D

Miriel, Astris new horse, came from Trollspeilet today. Meeting an old friend, Petrick. Bosco watches in the background. 

Everyone wants to meet the newcomer 

and follow her around

a popular little lady

Bosco, who had been the newest arrival, followed Miriel around and wouldn't let her out of his sight

Such a sweet couple

Fun fact: Last year they discovered by accident that Miriel was pregnant, one of the stallions was the father, noone know who. Maybe these two has had a little adventure in the past?