Monday, April 12, 2010

Clinic with David Oliveira

This weekend we were attending a clinic with David Oliveira. David is from Portugal and is a former world champion in Working Equitation. He has tried show jumping, dressage, eventing and didn't think it was much of a challenge so now he is trainig for bullfighting.

I am always a bit nervous before loading Bosco on to the transport, but everytime we have rented an Ifor Williams trailer, he doesn't even hesitate. Such a good boy and I love those trailers! At Trollspeilet he was reunited with his old friends, Brasil, Misty and Ares. Brasil is Boscos brother and the same age, Misty a Norwegian warmblood, also 4 years old and Ares, a 3 year old Norwegian warmblood. A few high-pitched noises from Brasil when i let Bosco out, after that they ran around and played for a while.

First I just have to appologise for the weird english in this blog, Davids english is a bit limited so I get used to using the same words, but I'll try to explain.

Before this clinic we have been training like David has told us to train the young horses, "Training young horse, boring, circle, cricle, circle, turn, circle, circle, circle. Forward." Now we started on the exercise David calls "mobilisation to the inside and to the outside". This means you face the horse to the outside or inside of a circle and get him to step in under himself with the hindleg. I have been struggeling alot with the right hand canter, so we used this exercise and voilá right hand canter is no longer a problem ! "See?, it's easy!"

David rode Bosco for a few minutes during the second lesson, and he said that he was alot like the spanish horse I had last year. Even tho he called Bosco a baby he said it was a good horse and that he would be really good in a couple of years. Thats always nice to hear :)

The last lesson he was quite tired, but we started working on transitions, transitions, transitions. Difficult for me, dificult for Bosco, but in the end you could really feel the difference, even tho the horse was tired.

So until next clinic in june we will be working on transitions and mobilisation with Bosco, and I have to keep working on my seat. Shoulders back, weight in the stirrups and I need to "detatch" my legs from the pelvis, so I hopefully will relax more in my hips.

It was a wonderful sunny weekend, and for once I watched my trainer, Pelle, really struggeling while riding Jupiter. It usually looks so easy when he is riding, but this time he had to work hard. Moahahah!


David riding Bosco

We had to ride in a roundpen, since all the fields and the arena were too wet. Quite crowded but not a problem.

Not sure what David is doing here, it might be the chicken dance

Right hand canter, yepee!

Bosco is a little tired

Sunday without the icy wind, almost summer!
Behind me is Hanne (one of my instructors) with Brasil, Boscos brother

Now I just have to recover from this weekend, it hurts all over, but it was worth it!