Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This week I moved Bosco to a new stable. I had actually payed to stay at Årungen through out may, but for a number of reasons I felt like I just had to move. First of all I did not really trust the owners on the hay they were feeding the horses. Three horses have had colic during the past few months. Other people have found moldy hay that the horses were eating, and the feeding rutine was really weird the last few weeks. The hay is also abit too strong for Boscos sensitive stomach :/ Second, the mood had changed in the stable. I didn't enjoy the time I spent there and I felt I just had to get away. 

Bosco relaxing at Årungen a few days before we left

So now I moved to Røed, which is basically 5 minutes drive from Årungen. This was the place that I could find, that were closest to what I was looking for. One big drawback, there is no arena... yet. The plan is to build one over the summer, but I'm not sure when that is. In the meantime, there is a roundpen I can use and there is a road made only for horses, where I can get some training done. 

Took some pictures in the nice weather today, suddenly summer arrived!

The stable, not quite finished yet

The stable, the door in the end leads to the indoor area of the padock. 

This will become the washing booth

This will become a common room with sofa and a small kitchen


Food for all the hungry horses

Where we keep all our equipment

The roundpen

Just behind all this rubbish is where they are going to build the arena

Indoor area for the outdoor horses

Bosco right outside the indoor area

Outdoor area

Outdoor area

Outdoor area. This area will expand all the way to the houses in the background and the horses will have lots of green grass to eat. They just need to adapt to the new grass. 

The road made for horses only, straight forward as far as the eye can see

Walk, trot, canter, do what ever you like, the road is all yours :D

Bosco with my new handmade Total Contact saddle
(first time I tried to braid his mane, looks weird, but working as intended)

The last week Bosco has had some trouble with his hoofs. They have been really sore and he has not been comfertable with a rider. This is ok now, but I have only trained him twice since he got well. We have both been abit rusty after almost one and a half week break, but tomorrow Pelle is comming over to set things straight. Hah!