Sunday, February 07, 2010

One-day-course with Pelle, and tryouts round two!

Pelle from Trollspeilet had a one-day-course at the stable today, he brought Bosco so I could "test drive" some more. I have to say, I really like that horse! 

My assignment for today was to get the right movement in my hip. The movement is the same as when you are doing "squats", and apperantly I didn't know how to perform them. Luckily for me, Pelle is also experienced with training people, not only horses. The trick is not to just collapse in the knees, but to push the bum back and pretend to have a weightbar across the shoulders and lift it up. Lift the horse, through the back, and up in each step. 

It's funny how well you can feel Bosco's back when he works correctly, and almost everytime i manage to get the aids correct he "prustet" (horse blows through his nose, relaxing sound). He gives good feedback on whats right and whats wrong. We did mostly walk and trot, some canter but not to much. 


Pelle having fun, running infront of the camera

A big thanks to Sissel, for being my photographer for the day!